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Guide to Choose the Best Bathing Bar For Your Skin?

Cleaning your skin on a daily basis can keep numerous dermal problems at bay. From acne and open pores to blemishes & pigmentation, choosing a khadi soap can help deal with many issues. From cleaning the skin to keeping it smooth and blemish-free, good-quality bathing bars have properties far superior to most chemical-induced face washes. 

By knowing what to look for, you can easily venture out into the vast soap cleanser market and look for the one that best suits your skin type. The first step in ensuring you always have what's best for your skin type in mind is knowing your skin type and its requirements to look healthy, young, and supple. 

Read on to figure out which bathing bar is best for your skin type and why you should switch to bars instead of face washes. 

How are Traditional Soap Bars made?

The simple process of making soaps or bathing bars includes mixing essential oils, water, or a liquid with an alkali. The saponification process starts as soon as the alkali mixes with oil and triggers a reaction that turns this mixture into a soap. This mixture can then be kept in a tray to cool down and set into bars. A natural-based soap also used soap pods or Reetha instead of lye to venture into the ayurvedic soap market. 

Traditionally, not much thought was given to the harshness of the soap or the ph level. But today, modern companies are much focussed on providing a better product not just for the consumer but also for the earth. Manufacturers add essential oils like lavender, rosemary or coconut oil, along with fragrance, colors, and other natural ingredients to enhance the product's appeal.   


Why should you use a bathing bar?

The major goal of soap is cleaning dirt off of the skin. In achieving this parameter, the manufacturers load these bars with addon benefits to entice consumers to buy them. From a paraben soap in India to soaps that have exfoliating agents in them, choosing the right bar can become quite tricky when you don't know why you should buy them in the first place. 

A soap contains both salt & fat; the salty end of the soap attracts water, and the fatty ends work on the dirt & oil present on your skin. When you wash your body with a bar of soap and water, the molecules break up the bacteria, dirt, oil, and grime by forming a circle around them, called a micelle. The dirt accumulated in the pores of your skin gets dislodged once this process happens, and the oil simply gets washed away by water. 

Using a bathing bar can not only help you keep your body clean but can also enhance the appearance of your skin along with added benefits- as per the soap you use. 

However, it's really important to choose a bathing bar that nourishes your skin, not strips it off of essential oils. 

Kailash Khadi Premium Soaps are made of all-natural ingredients, coupled with essential oils, choicest ingredients, and are handmade to provide you with utmost luxury and care. 

Is a bathing bar safe for the skin?

Yes, absolutely. Kailash Khadi makes every bathing bar with premium quality ingredients that have been sourced from organic farms. Proper care is maintained while preparing these products so that only the best reaches your homes. 

Before trusting any brand for your skin, make sure you thoroughly go through the brand's ethics and the ingredient list added along with the product. Today in the market, there are plenty of bath soap wholesale distributors who are ready to compromise with the quality to save some bucks, which is why it is essential to do proper research.  

Types of Bathing Bar

Mentioned below are the five different types of bathing bars:

  • Transparent Soaps

Clear or transparent-looking bar soap can be true bar soap with added moisture & nourishment through glycerin, vitamin E, or essential oils. However, that is not always the indicator of them being a milder variant of bathing soaps. The components or chemicals used in producing such soaps can still be harmful to the skin. 

  • True Soaps

Most paraben-free soaps in India today are classified under the category of True soaps. True soaps can be found in almost all soap markets today, from small businesses to large soap manufacturers. 

True soaps were previously considered harmful to the skin and had the potential to disturb the skin's pH levels. However, they have revived themselves as all-natural and void of synthetic chemicals. 

  • Syndet Bars

Made from the words synthetic and detergents- Syndet Bars are the most common soap bars available in the market. Instead of an alkali base, they are made of sulfonates, betaines, and sodium cocoyl isothionate. However, breaking the misconception that syndet bars are harsh on the skin- the first syndet bar made a common name in India is Dove, and then a vast range of products came up with their take on gentle syndet bars. Since these bars are soap-free, they can be super gentle on the skin and can effectively clean & nourish at the same time.  

  • Superfatted Soaps

The main focus today is keeping one's skin nourished. Keeping the consumer in mind, soap manufacturers in India have started producing superfatted soap with extra fat that hasn't been turned into soap. 

However, this type of soap bar isn't good for people looking for oily skin soap in India. The extra oil in the soap can cause extra sebum production, thus creating a perfect environment for acne & pimples. 

If you're looking for a cleanser, superfatted soap can be too heavy & not cleansing enough for you. 

  • Combination Bars

Made with the ingredients from Syndet bars and Superfatted 

Combination bars, the combination bars are crafted for people with combination-type skin. They have a soap base for cleansing and a fatty base to nourish the skin while restoring the essential oils back. 

How to choose your soap bar?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of soap brands in the market today, each claiming to be gentle & nourishing for the skin. However, choosing the right one for your skin type can be tricky! Choosing the best ayurvedic soap can be tiresome when you don't know what you're up against. 

The first step in selecting the right soap bar includes determining what you want.

If you are looking for a product that can help nourish your skin, look for a bathing bar with such properties. For example, sandalwood soap has calming properties and can soothe irritated skin. 

Kailash Khadi has handmade soap bars made from premium ingredients that are all-natural to help you glow from within. Handmade bars are often natural and made with gentle ingredients that are good for your skin. From aloe vera soap benefits to brightening soaps, you can find bathing bars made out of the choicest ingredients at Kailash Khadi that can tackle any & all skin problems effectively. 

To sum it up, it all boils down to what you're looking for, your skin type, and market research. However, don't get intimidated by the choices. If a soap bar makes you feel good, is gentle on the skin, cleanses well, and does not burn a hole in your pocket- enjoy it. That is precisely what a good bathing bar is- but only for you! 

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