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There are many conditions that cause dry, cracked hands: psoriasis, dyshidrotic eczema, contact allergy and other skin diseases, but the most common cause is an irritant dermatitis. Irritant dermatitis occurs when irritants such as soap, water, dry air, chemicals, paper, cardboard, detergents, etc. overcome the body’s own protective mechanisms.

Infections can come from anywhere. Washing your hands from time to time might not keep away from all of them, but it can definitely help avoid a few. Hand washing is simple, requires just water and soap or in absence of that a sanitizer.

Your hands are the carriers of germs and they can be spread all over while you nonchalantly rub your eyes or slide your fingers through your tresses or scratch that itching elbow or knee. It is, thus, imperative to be very particular about your hand hygiene to prevent the risk of catching a lot of diseases. Discussed below are some basic points to be kept in mind to maintain hand hygiene.